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There has been many questions regarding our custom chainrings as well as bar gloves. I hope you will find the answers to your question here. If not, use our contact form to get a reply.


What does the word Raval stand for?


The name Raval stands for the combination of two words - Rausis + Oval. Rausis is the nickname of Reinis, one of the creative minds of the company. Oval stands for the shape related to oval chainrings. 

What is the difference between oval and round chainring?


The main difference is in the shape and therefore the performance of the rider, distribution of power and energy that is used for bicycling.


Why should I choose riding an oval chainring?


It is not necessarily that you use an oval chainring for bicycling as there are many world class riders using conventional rings and winning many races. But for those who are eager to try out something new and experiment, according to this table, there might be some advantages of using non-circular ring.


From our experience and tests, firstly, you need to get used to riding with it and it does not happen on the first day. You may need at least two or three days to feel comfortably enough riding the oval chainring. What does it mean - to feel comfortable with it? We assume it could be the point where you do not really think about the cycling and pedalling process, you do it automatically and your brain perceives it as usual. In the very beginning you may feel some strange movements in your legs, unusual and uneven cycling process and pedalling. That is usually because before you have done it with round chainring and your brain has got used to those movements. With the different shape chainring your brain has never dealt with therefore it does not understand initially why your legs and feet are moving differently.


Secondly - here are some sources you may want to look through that can give you some well reasoned data on the subject as well as sound opinions:

  • A scientifically reasoned article (literature review) providing credible data and analysis on the topic. There is a great summary of all scientifically known non-circular rings put in table in page 4. 

  • One more scientific article on importance of approriate non-circular chainring in improving crank power.

  • A well written blog entry from a cycler, focused more on Biopace ring. 

  • A short video comparing Doval, circle and Rotor Qring.

  • A forum discussion in Russian.




What materials do you use for chainrings?


The main materials we use:

  • Aluminium 3mm (7075 T6)

  • Steel 3mm (S235JR)

  • Spring steel 3mm (50CrV4)

How do you coat your chainrings?


Mostly spring steel and steel is galvanized or hardened. Aluminium is anodized.



What materials do you use for bar gloves?


On the ouside we use waterproof fabrics. On the inside there is fleece and batting quilted together, rubber string to fix the bar glove on your bar, strips and fasteners to keep them on the place. And finally, some reflectors for visibility.




Is there a higher chance to fall if I use bar gloves?


If you have never used them, you may need a couple of hours to get used to riding with bar gloves. When you have done that, we do not have such a feedback that they are a reason for you to fall from your bicycle.


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