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Non-circular chainrings, what is Raval Bike
Rausis, the creative mind of Raval Bike
the creator of, the cutter engineer of Raval Bike
the photographer, sewer and social media support in Raval Bike



The first time I saw an oval chainring was at the beginning of 90-ies. Five years ago I started to work on oval chainring production and since then besides them, I produce also the round designed chainrings.

The shape of oval chainrings is specific only for Raval. The materials are mainly aluminium and steel.

Round rings are custom made each case by case individually according to a client's preferences, their style and design.

Other biking accessories, like Raval bar gloves has developed during the many years of being a bike messenger and having a chance to test many kinds of products in this sphere. At the end I realised that the best way to get the product you want is to make it by yourself. I involved my family into this and now we are making bar gloves for everyone.

My team and main support is my family, friends who work in active sports products retail sphere and those enthusiasts and 'out-of-the-box' thinkers who agree and are not afraid to test my new-made oval or round chainrings as well as bar gloves and all kinds of bicycle accessories.


Thank you all.


There are 3 of us responsible for the outcome of the products:


Reinis - it is me, who is a bike parts nerd, crazy over making my bike individual and inventing chainrings (not necessarily for a very practical purpose), testing continuously everything that comes on my way. I am also dealing with customers.


Vladimirs - a sharp-brained engineer, able to draw and cut out almost anything from the steel and materials alike. His passion is making recumbent bikes that you can look closer here -


Kintija - a sewing passionate, dealing with all kinds of bar gloves, making the models, adjusting and changing them according to individual bar shapes. She is also making all the photos of our products, doing the online and social media work.



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